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Lester Bailey

Melodeon Playgroup

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Generously sponsored by Acorn Instruments.

A supporter of Melodeon Playgroup since its earliest days Lester Bailey will be known to Melnetters for his Tune-a-Day blog, an invaluable source of traditional tunes recorded in his shed on a variety of melodeons.  


Lester is CEO of Lester’s Melodeon Emporium and Tune-a-Rama and will be bringing his tools,  so if you have any box problems he will be able to give your box a bit of TLC.


In 2022 Lester returns to Playgroup for the tenth time, once again leading our workshops for beginners.


No doubt Lester will also be found leading a tune or three over the course of the weekend.


Minor Repairs and Advice


When not occupied by the formal timetable Lester will be available to provide advice or do minor melodeon repairs – catch up with him during the Saturday morning welcome session if you need help.

Lester tutoring

Lester's workshop at the Fleece Inn, 2020

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